International Conference on
Digitalization and Cyber Security: Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward
August 10th, 11th and 12th, 2020


Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP) has always strived to provide awareness about latest developments and trends in market and academia. In this regard, VUP hosts different conferences, workshops and seminars from time to time. International Conference on Digitalization and Cyber Security: challenges, opportunities and way forward, a three day international conference, is another effort by the VUP for the same.

As IT has assumed a central and enabling role in the emerging dynamics of a knowledge society, the conference will provide an opportunity for highlighting the challenges and solutions for the way forward in the field of Digitalization and Cyber Security and its role in shaping the Digital ecosystem in the country. Talks and discussions by various stakeholders including policy makers, industrial experts and academicians will help to figure out the essential components to achieve this gigantic goal coupled with the vision of the Government of Pakistan. It’s the time to come up with innovative ideas and solutions for Digital Transformation but with more secure CyberSpace. The conference is a pertinent step towards achieving the same.

Join us at the conference for penetrating discussions and insights on rising cyber security trends, challenges and issues.