Welcome to the Virtual University Students Support Services (VUSSS). VUSSS is making untiring efforts to resolve miscellaneous issues of students. Main objective of this department is to solve the pending issues of the students on priority basis. Students may contact at any time during their studies on facing study related and system related issues.

SOP’s To Use This Facility:

Students are required to email only those issues which are pending at the others' end. For instance, if a student enrolled in Master Program has an issue regarding the blocking of his/her account due to non-payment then he/she must send an email to “masters_fee@vu.edu.pk”. Similarly, if a student wants to freeze/unfreeze his/her account, he/she must send an email to “semesterfreeze@vu.edu.pk” in order to get the issue resolved. If the issue remained pending for more than 2 working days then student may report that issue at vusss@vu.edu.pk


In order to find the relevant E-mail address for the specific problem/issue, students can visit "Contact Us" link at

Happy Learning!