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Mathematics With MATLAB

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MATLAB is the general-purpose computing software. It contains many specialized toolboxes and works as the computer algebra system through its symbolic math toolbox. This toolbox performs symbolic algebraic/mathematical manipulative operations with a lot of built-in interactivities. MATLAB integrates numerical, symbolic, and graphic visualization capabilities with quite intuitive computer programming environment.

Objective of the Training

As the manual calculation to compute the solutions is very difficult and time consuming, so efficient computational tools are required for numerical approximations of physical models developed by the scientists. These tools would certainly be helpful for researchers in different fields working to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the solutions.

MATLAB is a software package for computation in engineering, science, and applied mathematics. It offers a powerful programming language, excellent graphics, and a wide range of expert knowledge. Our objective is to develop the programming skill of MATLAB, which would be prime beneficial to the mathematicians working in a theoretical environment to solve mathematical models.


This three days’ workshop will enable the participants to understand: 

  • Basic Syntax of programming in MATLAB, about its variables, operators, and data types.
  • Functions, looping and conditional statements, advanced 2D plot and 3D plots, Surface plots.
  • How to Solve Equations, find differentiation and integration and solve Differential Equations. 
  • How to solve numerical integration and plot the solution curve.

Certificates will be given to Trainer, Organizers and Participants of the event.

Trainer’s Profile

Zulfiqar Ahmad Noor (Lecture, Department of Mathematics, Virtual University of Pakistan).

Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad has done his Master of Mathematics & Master of Computer Science from Punjab University.  He also have completed his M.Phil in Computer Science from UET and M.Phil in Mathematics from UMT. Currently he is a PhD Mathematics scholar at UMT. He has recorded the course of “Introduction to MATLAB” for the BS and M.Sc Mathematics students at Virtual University of Pakistan.  He also has attended various online MATLAB workshops and MATLAB Expo 2022 organized by MathWorks. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students and teachers studying or teaching mathematics at any degree level.

For Any Query, Please Contact Us On Following Details:

Workshop Date

November 21, 23 2022 | 10:00 AM

Workshop Venue

Information Access Center, VU Davis Road Campus, Lahore

Day-Wise Program

November 21, 2022 (Day1)

Time Activity
10:00am Recitation
10:05am Opening Speech by Chief Guest.
10:30am Tea Break
11:00am First Day Training session
  1. Introduction to MATLAB
  2. Installation of MATLAB Software
  3. MATLAB Interface
  4. Variables and Data Types, Matrices
  5. Script Files
01:30pm Lunch Break
  1. Some Useful MATLAB built-in Functions
  2. Solve the linear equations and system of equations
  3. Plotting which includes 2D and 3 Plots, Surface Plots, Contour Plots.
03:30 pm Tea Break
04:00 pm Exercises
05:00 pm End of Day 1

November 22, 2022 (Day 2)

Time Activity
10:00am Day 2: Training session start up
  1. Input and Output Statements 
  2. Formatting techniques for customized output
  3. Conditional Statements
  4. Loops 
  5. Functions definition, passing parameters to functions. 
01:00pm Lunch Break
  1. Derivatives and Integration
  2. Solving Differential Equations
  3. Solving Numerical Methods. E.g., Bisection Method,Trapezoidal Method,
    Simpson method, Euler Method
03:30 pm Tea Break
04:00 pm Exercises
05:00 pm End of Day 2

November 23, 2022 (Day 3)

Time Activity
10:00am Day 3 Training session start up
  1. Solving Mathematical Models using MATLAB in research.
  2. How to use the libraries, toolboxes to solve the specific research problems. 
  3. Wrong or Unexpected Output, Syntax Error
  4. Debugging Techniques
01:00pm Lunch Break
02:00pm Exercises 
04:00pm Closing Ceremony 
05:00pm End of day 3

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