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Right of Access to Information

RTI Act Overview

The Right of Access to Information Act, 2017 is a legislation aimed at promoting transparency and effective access to information in Pakistan. It recognizes the fundamental right of individuals to access public records, subject to reasonable restrictions imposed by the law.The Act aims to improve government accountability, encourage citizen participation, combat corruption, enhance economic growth, and uphold good governance and human rights. By establishing a legal framework for access to information, the Act ensures that everyone can exercise their right to access information held by public bodies. It also addresses related matters and incidental issues." This act was enacted to promote transparency, accountability, and good governance by providing citizens with the right to access public information held by public bodies. For additional information, go below the link to access the full 2017 Information Act.

Information Act 2017

Public Information Officer (PIO)

PIO is practically back bone of RTI Law citizens first of all approach him for disclosure of public information. He is their guide as well as facilitator. He is practically a bridge between the citizens and public bodies.

Note: The queries pertaining to "Right of Access to Information Act 2017" will be entertained by the Public Information Office. For any general inquiries about university services etc., the respective sections shall be contacted via University Support System and Emails .

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