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Diploma (Diploma in Molecular Biology)
Semester No. 1
Course Code Title Type Pre Requisite Credit Hours Specialization
MB501T Cell Biology (Theory) Required 3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)
MB502T Molecular Biology (Theory) Required 3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)
BIO505T Essentials of Genetics (Theory) Required 2 (Theory:2, Practical:0)
BT511T Introduction to Biotechnology (Theory) Required 2 (Theory:2, Practical:0)
MB504P Methods in Molecular Biology (Practical) Required 2 (Theory:0, Practical:2)
BIO505P Essentials of Genetics (Practical) Required 1 (Theory:0, Practical:1)
BT511P Introduction to Biotechnology (Practical) Required 1 (Theory:0, Practical:1)
MB501P Cell Biology (Practical) Required 1 (Theory:0, Practical:1)
MB502P Molecular Biology (Practical) Required 1 (Theory:0, Practical:1)
MB504T Methods in Molecular Biology (Theory) Required 1 (Theory:1, Practical:0)
VU001 Introduction to e-Learning Required 1 (Theory:1, Practical:0)
Semester No. 2
Course Code Title Type Pre Requisite Credit Hours Specialization
BIF501 Bioinformatics II Required 3 (Theory:3, Practical:0) Bioinformatics
BIO502 Genomics Required 3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)
BIO601 Proteomics Required 3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)
BT302 Immunology Required 3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)
BT502 Seminar-I Required 1 (Theory:1, Practical:0)

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