International Conference on
Digitalization and Cyber Security: Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward
August 10th, 11th and 12th, 2020
This is the digital era where we are surrounded by technologies and IT domains. Everything has been transformed or is in process of digitalization. This process has been accelerated due to COVID 19 which is pushing the world to digitalized environments. With the increasing use of technologies such as mobiles, cloud computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence in more areas of business and society and growing connectivity is bringing new challenges. One of these is level of security, compliance and data protection.

Success in digital transformation is dependent on Cybersecurity so it has got strategic importance. Even then there are security gaps which lead to cyberattacks and cybercrimes. Everyone thinks security is crucial but few people like to confront it leading to questions….

Does security matter? Is security missing in digital transformation projects? Is it being tackled too late? And, if so, why? Should it be built in all security projects? This conference will help to understand the gaps between preach and practice.

Speakers from different parts of the world including USA, UK, UAE, and Gulf will be sharing their knowledge on sub themes of the conference. The event will create awareness among academic and non-academic audiences including professionals about the role and importance of digitalization and cyber security especially during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Look forward to hosting you at the Virtual University of Pakistan.