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Associate Degree Program In Education (2-Year)


The Associate Degree Program in Education (ADE) is designed to help in-service and prospective teachers of elementary grades in public and private sector schools by providing them an opportunity to enhance their academic qualification and polish their teaching skills by learning latest techniques of classroom management, assessment and evaluation.

Program Objectives

After completing the Associate Degree of Education (ADE) 2-Year degree, the prospective teachers will be able:

  1. To equip students with adequate knowledge of subject matter
  2. To help students to develop knowledge and skills of teaching pedagogies
  3. To develop communication and skills of active listening and responding with appropriate response
  4. To equip students to practice classroom management skills of students
  5. To help students to use modern information technology for school teaching.

Program Outcomes

After completing this program, the Prospective teachers will be able to:

  1. Develop the skills of reasoning and reflection and learn to connect theory with practice;
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter;
  3. Develop the skills of reasoning and reflection and learn to connect theory with practice
  4. Practice different teaching approaches in the classroom;
  5. Understand different learning styles and strategies that can be used effectively in their teaching.
  6. Develop awareness of appropriate communication strategies for personal & professional success
  7. Able to Successfully manage the educational settings e.g. classroom and school
  8. Provide a sound perspective on ICTs in education according to his/her personal experiences.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate (equivalent to 12 years of education) with at least 45% marks.


  • Candidates having ‘A’ levels are required to provide equivalence certificate from Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC), Islamabad. (
  • Zero  Semester” is not applicable.

Course Exemption

Course exemption is not allowed.


It is a two-year full time study program and is spread over four semesters. Each semester has at least 18 weeks of duration for teaching and examinations etc.
Degree Completion Duration

Courses of Study

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Assessment of Study Progress

The students study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout the semester by giving assignments, quizzes, Graded Discussion Boards (GDBs), presentations (wherever applicable), mid-term and final-term examinations at VU designated campuses. The mid-term and final-term examinations usually count for 80 to 85% of the total marks for a course.

Teaching Practice

Students are required to complete a teaching practicum of 6 credit hours in the last semester of their Associate Degree program.

Award of Degree

From Fall 2021, to become eligible for the award of Associate Degree in elementary education, the student is required to complete at least 73 credit hours with Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.00 out of 4.
Whereas, for batches (Spring 20 to Spring 21), the students are required to complete at least 71 credit hours with minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 out of 4.00.
Whereas, for all previous batches, the students are required to complete 69 credit hours with CGPA 2.00 out of 4.00

Fee Structure

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  • The courses may be revised from time to time as a result of continuous review to bring them at par with courses being taught at top-class foreign universities. While reviewing the courses, needs of local educational context and job market are also given full consideration.
  • The University reserves the right to change fee structure from time to time.