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Hands-on Training Workshop on Data Analytics
Data Analytics Workshop (25th-28th October,2021)

The four days course will enable the participants to write software codes using Python Programming Language and Using FORIS Analytics suite to perform their research on historical data available with the university or any external data sources. Diverse exercises are planned considering hands-on training for the participants and the same will play a pivotal role in capacity building.

Day 01 (10:00AM to 05:00PM)
  Setting up Python Development Environment  
  1. Introduction to python
  2. Installing and setting up Python
  3. Introduction to data analysis
  4. Introduction to the data frame
  5. Introduction to Pandas and NumPy
  6. Introduction to series
  7. Console window and the script editor
  8. An overview of the arithmetic, relational and logical operators
  9. Working with variables o Data structures o Decisions and loops o Functions
  10. From computer hard disk
  11. From websites
Day 02 (09:00AM to 05:00PM)
  Data Cleansing
  1. Messy Datasets
  2. Identify Columns That Contain a Single Value
  3. Delete Columns That Contain a Single Value
  4. Consider Columns That Have Very Few Values
  5. Remove Columns That Have A Low Variance
  6. Identify Rows that Contain Duplicate Data
  7. Delete Rows that Contain Duplicate Data
  8. Basic Plotting
  9. Bar Plot
  10. Histograms
  11. Box Plots
  12. Area Plot
  13. Scatter Plot
  14. Pie Chart
  15. Data analysis
  16. Descriptive statistic
Day 03 (09:00AM to 05:00PM)
  Introduction To FORIS Analytics
  1. Solution Features
  2. Experience with Data
  3. Real Time Decision Making
  4. Data Analytics
  5. Using FORIS Application
  6. FORIS Modules
  7. Data Mart & Cube Builder
Day 04 (09:00AM to 04:35PM)
Advance Features FORIS Analytics
  1. Report Builder & Report Types
  2. Adhoc Queries
  3. Graphical Presentation
  4. Dashboards
  5. Thresholds & Alerts
Registration Fee:   15,000/- PKR
Last Date for Registration and Fee Submission:   21st October, 2021
  1. Aftab Ahmed – Director, Sitronics Telecom Solutions Pakistan (NVision Czech Republic)
  2. Shahryar Imtiaz – Senior Data Warehouse & BI Developer
  3. Anser Ali Haider – Senior Python Developer
  54-A Lawrence road, Lahore, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Virtual University of Pakistan