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Courses Needing Development/ Updating

Business and Management Sciences Computer Science/ IT
Education Humanities
Mass Communication Psychology
Business and Management Sciences     Back to Top
New courses that need to be developed
Accounting/ Banking/ Finance
  1. Auditing Techniques & Procedures
  2. International Banking
  3. International Financial Management
  4. Islamic Modes of Finance
  5. Marketing of Financial Services
  6. Mergers and Acquisitions
  7. Regulations for Financial Institutions
  8. Working Capital Management


Information Technology
  1. Data Analysis Techniques Using Computer
  2. Decision Support Systems
  3. E- Business
  4. Enterprise Information Systems
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning
  6. Expert Systems
  7. IT Application in Business
HRM / Management
  1. Compensation & Appraisal
  2. International HRM
  3. Personnel Development
  1. Direct Marketing
  2. E-Marketing
Existing Courses that need to be updated
  1. MGT201 Financial Management
Computer Science/ IT     Back to Top
New courses that need to be developed
  1. Advanced Software Development
  2. Software Project Management (Advanced)
  3. Advanced DBMS
  4. Semantic DBMS
Associate Degree Program in Web Design
  1. Open Source Web Application Development (PHP, PERL, CGI, MySQL
  2. Cyber Law
  3. Web Development for Portable Devices
Associate Degree Program in Databases
  1. Database Programming using Oracle 11i
  2. Introduction to Database Administration
  3. Web based Database Applications
Associate Degree Program in Networking
  1. Introduction to Cellular Networks
  2. Wireless Communication
  3. Information Security
BS in Software Engineering
  1. Software Requirements and Specifications
  2. Software Architecture and Design
  3. Software Verification and Validation
  4. Software Quality Engineering
  5. ERP Systems (Enterprise Systems Engineering Domain)
  6. SCM Systems (Enterprise Systems Engineering Domain)
  7. CRM Systems (Enterprise Systems Engineering Domain)
  8. Business Issues Related to Security (Enterprise Security Architecture Domain)
  9. Security Weaknesses and Risk Analysis (Enterprise Security Architecture Domain)
  10. Cryptography (Enterprise Security Architecture Domain)
  11. Professional Practices
BS in Information Technology
  1. Information and Communication Technologies
  2. Multimedia Systems and Design
  3. Web Systems and Technologies
  4. Technology Management
  5. Information Systems
  6. Internet Architecture and Protocols
  7. Systems and Network Administration
  8. Database Administration and Management
  9. System Integration and Architecture
  10. Distributed Database Systems
  11. Data Mining
  12. Network Programming
  13. Network Design and Management
  14. Telecommunication Systems
  15. Principles of Multimedia Systems
  16. Multimedia Technologies
  17. Multimedia Databases
  18. 3D Modeling and Animation
PhD Courses to be Developed
  1. Technologies for Development and Education
  2. Practicum in Online Teaching
  3. Web Mining
  4. Design Methods in Educational Technology
  5. Research Methods in Computer Science
  6. Experimental Design
  7. Multimedia Database
  8. State-of-the Art Technologies in Education
  9. Information Processing
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Existing Courses that need to be updated
  1. CS101 Introduction to Computing
Education     Back to Top
New courses that need to be developed
  1. Development of Education in Pakistan
  2. Sociological & Cultural Issues
  3. Curriculum Development
  4. Educational Psychology & Guidance
  5. Methods & Techniques of Teaching
  6. Society, School & Teacher
  7. Contemporary Issues & Trends in Education
  8. Foundations of Education
  9. Educational Management and Leadership
  10. Classroom Assessment
  11. Research Methods in Education
  12. Inclusive Education
  13. Comparative Education
  14. Critical Thinking & Reflective Practices
  15. Human Development & Learning
Humanities     Back to Top
New courses that need to be developed
  1. Poetry & Drama
Existing Courses that need to be updated
  1. ENG001 Elementary English
Mass Communication     Back to Top
New courses that need to be developed
  1. Non Broadcast Media
  2. Advertising for Print and Electronic Media
  3. Mass Media in South Asia
  4. Media Management
  5. Magazine Journalism
  6. Online-Journalism
  7. International Communication
  8. Community Journalism
  9. Mass Communication Law & Ethics
Psychology     Back to Top
New courses that need to be developed
  1. Cross Cultural Psychology
  2. Developmental Psychology
  3. Educational Psychology
  4. Experimental Psychology
  5. Parapsychology