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Statutes for BS Programs

I.      STATUTES: Duration and Requirements of the Course/Semester.

1.      In these Statutes unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context;

(i)           Audit Course” means a course attended without any liability of taking its examination.

(ii)         “Credit Course” means a course of study to be completed as a requirement for a degree.

(iii)       “Credit Hour” means the successful completion of a course of one semester hour in theory or two semester hours in practical per week.

(iv)        “Deficiency Course” means a course in which a competent body of the university has adjudged a student deficient.

(v)          “Non-Credit Course” means a course of study, successful completion of which would not be a requirement for the degree.

(vi)        “Semester” means teaching time of 18 weeks inclusive of admission, conduct of examination, preparation and declaration of result etc. and gazetted holidays.


2.      Duration of the Course

(i)           The minimum number of semesters for completing the course for the degree of Bachelor of Science Programme shall be eight. Provided that in no case a student who does not qualify for the award of degree within the minimum period of eight semesters, he/she may continue his/her studies for a maximum of four further consecutive semesters beyond which he/she shall not be eligible for enrolment.

(ii)         The medium of instructions and examinations shall be English except in the case of Islamic Studies, which shall be English/Urdu but exam will be conducted in English/Urdu.

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3.      Duration of Semester

(i)           There will be two semesters in each academic year, Fall and Spring, of 18 weeks each. The commencement of the semesters is regulated by the Executive Council of the University.

(ii)         (Explanation: Out of 18 weeks, 15 weeks shall be the actual teaching time, the rest may be utilized for admission, conduct of examinations, preparation and declaration of results etc.).


4.      Scheme of Study: The schemes of study for the various degree programs shall be notified by the University. These schemes may be revised by the Executive Council from time to time.


5.      Minimum Requirements for various Degrees: The minimum credit requirements for instituting various degrees shall be 132 credit hours for duration of eight semesters. The first degree will be awarded on successful completion of the prescribed credit hours with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.25.